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At the Portland Music Collective we offer music lessons in piano, violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, banjo, voice, trumpet,


Lesson scheduling and pricing are arranged by each teacher individually. Take a look to find an instructor that best suits what you're looking for.

Dave Bones

Trombone/low brass teacher

Dave Bones is a Portland trombonist and tubist that teaches trombone and tuba lessons.

Guitar and bass guitar teacher 

Ben Finley

Ben Finely is a Portland guitarist and bass guitarist that teaches guitar and bass lessons.
Sadie Gregg is a Portland vocalist that teaches voice lessons.

Sadie Gregg

Voice teacher 

Patrick McCulley is a Portland saxophonist that teaches saxophone lessons.

Patrick McCulley

Saxophone teacher

Michael "Flip" McGuire

Multi-Instrument Teacher

Michael "Flip" McGuire is a Portland multi-instrumentalist that teaches woodwind, brasswind, and string lessons.
Richard Moore is a Portland pianist that teaches piano lessons.

Richard Moore

Piano teacher

Kahayla Rapolla 

Bassoon teacher

Kahayla Rapolla is a Portland bassoonist that teaches bassoon lessons.
Mercury Shadow is a Portland violinist and violist that teaches violin and viola lessons.

Mercury Shadow

Violin teacher

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