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Mercury Shadow is a Portland pianist that teaches piano lessons.

Richard Moore

Piano Instructor

A practising musician based in Portland, OR, Richard Moore (he/him) produces ​works primarily in avant-garde classical electronic, contemporary jazz, and art-rock styles individually as well as in ensembles. He is a pianist, bassist, and guitarist; but firstly, an ondist (player of the Ondes Martenot). 

He seeks ceaselessly to share his enamorment with the Ondes Martenot and plays it extensively in his compositions.

Richard has been teaching piano lessons since 2022 privately as a member of Portland Music Collective and is currently taking on in-person and online students of all ages. His teaching philosophy revolves around helping all types of musicians bring their technical and passionate goals with the instrument to fruition. He studied piano under Tom Cianci in western classical practices and jazz improvisation from 2010-2017. Currently, he is pursuing a compositional degree in Portland.

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